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Dramatherapy is a safe, non-judgmental and non-confrontational way of exploring and reflecting on experiences and feelings. It is not about performing or being good at drama. It is a personal journey into self-discovery and wholeness that reaches deep within one’s soul. It is based less on talking and more on using the imagination and the body. It provides the opportunity to try out new ways of getting in touch with oneself and interacting with other people. It can help individuals to discover the ability that lies within him/herself to be creative and playful.

Dramatherapy can creatively help people to express that, which may not be known primarily through talking. Telling our story or telling what happened can be a significant part of the process of therapy. Yet some aspects of how we feel and react are so painful that they simply cannot be voiced. How can we speak of what has become unspeakable? Yet, we can allow ourselves to create and play out another distinct but related story, and so discover a source of healing.

There are different approaches to dramatherapy. Hela Pearson is trained in the Sesame approach – the word Sesame coming from the legend of Ali Baba and the Forty thieves, where the words ‘open sesame’ opened the cave’s door to reveal the treasure inside. Following this metaphor, the Sesame approach finds ways of opening up and unlocking what has been concealed to reveal the ‘treasure’ within each person. The Sesame approach to dramatherapy uses drama and movement as resources to promote healing and change in people. It is based in the knowledge that difficulties are revealed indirectly through metaphor and using an inner language that is initially non-verbal. This symbol or image language is expressed through the use of:

movement, drama, touch, story enactment, improvisation, play, and use of voice

explored in a safe and often playful environment.

The Sesame approach is based on the theories of Carl Jung's psychology of the unconscious, Rudolph Laban's Art of Movement, Peter Slade's play with children and Marian Lindkvist's non-verbal language of Movement-with-touch


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